About EuRS

Please keep in mind that the 2nd IPSF European Regional Symposium is going to be held online. For further information click here.

This year of 2021, EuRS is going for its 2nd edition, which will be held by a Reception Committee of AEFFUP, in Porto, Portugal! The 2nd EuRS Reception Committee seeks to welcome all pharmaceutical science students under IPSF, to experience the most of this beautiful and welcoming country!

The venue for the Regional Assembly will be the Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Porto. This is a place right in the heart of Porto, so we are close to the most famous places of this city (that you will have the opportunity to witness with our Porto Guided Tour on the last day of the event)! 

Alongside the discussion, there will be enough time for you to enjoy Porto as local students do! From the traditional International Night and the most fancy night to a guided tour at the end, you will have the opportunity to get to know the city that gave the name to Portugal!  Check the full programme right below!


What is The Regional Assembly (RA)?
The Regional Assembly is the highest decision-making body of EuRO (as the General Assembly (GA) is of IPSF) where you will have the opportunity to transpose your opinions and ideas into official changes and documents approved by all Official Delegates of our region.

IPSF Official Documents
They give guidance to the Federation’s structure and procedures and must be followed equally by every region. The most recently updated version of the Official Documents has been distributed to the Official Delegates before the event.

Who can speak?
All participants can speak during the RA and are encouraged to participate. Use the green (I agree) and the red (I disagree) to show your intention and motion during the session.

Who makes the decisions?
Only Official Delegates (ODs) of the IPSF Full Members who belong to EuRO have voting rights of this RA. The IPSF Members in Association and participants can not vote but are fully encouraged to participate in the discussion and use motion cards!

What is a motion?
A motion is a proposal coming from the members or the Executive that will be presented for discussion on the RA or GA. A motion suggests and/or approves projects and the direction that IPSF should follow regarding a particular point. Next to that, they are used to amend and/or approve documents. If a motion is approved, it is mandatory for the Executive to make sure that its content is put into action.

Scrutineers – do you want to help?
At every GA/RA session two scrutineers have to be present. The scrutineers help the Executive and Motions Committee to ensure the session runs smoothly. This means for example assisting in passing on microphones, handing out voting cards and counting votes. The Scrutineers are appointed by the RA. If you want to be scrutineer in one or multiple RA sessions, let the Regional Working Group know.