Online EuRS

The Regional Working Group of the IPSF European Regional Office – IPSF EuRO and the Reception Committee of the 2nd IPSF European Regional Symposium officially announce that the 2nd IPSF European Regional Symposium is going to be held online.

Check the full programme right below!  

General considerations

  1. Registrations for the physical EuRS are cancelled. Participants that wish to attend Online EuRS must register again. 
  2. The event will have no fees;
  3. Registrations period: 9th – 29th of May. This is going to be a single-phase open to members from all regions; 
  4. Registrations for regular participants will be handled on a “First-come-first-served” basis;
  5. Registrations for CSE will happen later; 
  6. If you are an IPSF Alumni, please feel free to join us!

How can you register for Online EuRS?

  1. Fill out the registration form that will be available on our website and social media at 18:00 GMT+2 on the 9th of May.
    You will receive an email confirming that the RC has received your application. Participant’s membership will be confirmed by the Reception Committee, which means that we won’t require a Confirmation Letter. 
  2. An email confirming the successful registration for the event will be sent to participants.
  3. Your registration is complete!